My practice is a therapeutic massage and skincare studio in the Glenwood South district of downtown Raleigh.

I am a Licensed Massage and Bodywork Therapist, Certified Manual Lymphatic Drainage Therapist, Licensed Esthetician and Aromatherapist devoted to your overall well-being.

Through my practice, I offer my clients a full sensory experience – one that is dedicated to relaxation, healing, grounding and balance.

With the use of various massage techniques, essential oils and Laurel Skincare products, I am able to create a calm space in the midst of everyday chaos.

-Lisa Cordia, LMBT #12700, MLD-C, LE#17283

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Lisa Cordia is a Licensed Massage and Bodywork Therapist, Certified Manual Lymphatic Drainage Therapist, Licensed Esthetician and Certified Aromatherapist specializing in wholistic massage and skincare.  She enjoys helping others be an active participant in their own healthcare. She takes a naturopathic approach to health and beauty and views the skin as a reflection of internal health and well-being. Using a variety of techniques, her goal is to help you live a healthy, wholistic life utilizing regular massage, lymphatic drainage and organic skincare as a tool for self-awareness and healing.

Finale is our official mascot and greeter. Studies show that having a dog around can help relieve stress, boost your mood and help you live longer. Finale wants all of those things for you so she will be anxiously awaiting your arrival and will warmly greet you at the door. In return, she hopes for copious amounts of belly rubs and head pets.

*Finale is a Miniature Schnauzer and is considered hypoallergenic. She may be present in the room (She has a bed set off to the side where she will nap) for your session but will not affect your overall well being and enjoyment of the session in any way. If this is a concern for you, please let me know in advance and I will make arrangements so that your session will be pet-free. Thank you for your understanding and please let me know if you have any questions.

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Manual Lymphatic Drainage

Manual lymphatic drainage is a light, repetitive manual technique that consists of gliding, stretching, and compressing over the skin. Lymphatic Drainage boosts your immune system, opens detox pathways and provides an analgesic effect. This lymphatic treatment focuses on opening lymphatic pathways, assisting with lymph flow. calming inflammation and excreting built up waste.

Choose a 60 minute session if you are wanting to focus on one to two targeted areas of swelling OR an all-over body treatment (client will be facing up for the entire treatment) for general health and wellness.

Choose a 90 minute session if you have more than two areas of focus, are wishing to receive an allover (front and back) body treatment, and/or are seeking a sculpting effect.

Your custom curated lymphatic drainage treatment is offered in the following durations:

60min| $135 90min| $180

Wholistic Massage Therapy

Massage rituals are offerings of deep calm and connection for mind, body, and heart. Intuitive bodywork and your choice of sensory enhancements are included in every service. Peaceful surroundings, soothing sounds, aromatic oils and mindful touch help you to escape the pressures of life and recharge your energy and spirit.

Whether you’re looking to tune into your body with presence and reverence, or tune out from the outside world in stillness and rest, this space is for you. Simply choose the duration, take a look at the enhancements, and together we will curate a plan for your session. This allows us to truly customize and elevate your experience every time.

Your custom curated massage is offered in the following durations:

60min | $115 90min | $160 120min | $210

Pre-Natal Massage 60min | $125

Complimentary Enhancements available to you for your massage session:

Himalayan Salt Stone Therapy | Aromatherapy | Cupping Therapy | Percussive Therapy

More offerings to enhance your massage experience:

Sanctuary Space (meditation/quiet time | $20
Allergy & Sinus Relief Lymphatic Drainage Treatment | $20
Express Facial Treatment | $25
Revitalizing Scalp Treatment | $
Exfoliating Foot Scrub & Polish | $20
Foot Soak | $35


Slow Beauty Organic Facials

Purify and relax with foundational care of raw plant material – fruits, flowers, plant oils and extracts from Laurel Whole Plant Organics – all customized for your skin needs. Renew yourself with a thorough deep cleansing ritual and exfoliation, followed by hand selected mask and serums, plus either facial cupping, Gua Sha facial fusion, facial reflexology and/or LED, depending on your skin needs.

My approach to skincare is to nurture your whole body, mind and spirit and to leave you with vibrant, beautiful skin.

Your bespoke facial experience is offered in the following durations:

60min | $140 90min | $190 120min | $250

Oncology, Auto-Immune & Allergy Support Facial 60min | $140


Thai Calming Herbal Poultice Ritual 90 min | $175
The Sacred Ritual 120 min | $230

The Grounding Ritual 60 min | $125 Herbal Reflexology 60min | $145


A referral is one of the greatest compliments I can receive.  For every client you refer, you will receive a discount on your next session.

Gratuity Policy

All services offered are inclusive. Massage, Lymphatic Drainage and Supportive Skincare are all important components of a healthy lifestyle. As with any other health profession, gratuity is neither encouraged nor expected.

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743 W Johnson St
Raleigh, NC 27603

(919) 308-8419
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Mon, Wed & Fri: 2pm – 8pm
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